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The Flender Mall is your central hub to get pricing information, order products, track your shipments and download documents. To help you get the most out of the Flender Mall, we have prepared a number of video tutorials explaining select features like how to sign up or manage your Flender equipment.
For any questions or comments, please feel free to message us via our contact forms:
If you are curious about the overall benefits of the Flender Mall, make sure to also read our interview with the Flender eBusiness team over in our Flender Newsblog.



  • Log in to your account​
  • Search for an individual order by order number, PO number, delivery status or date placed​
  • Check the order details​
  • Download order and product related documents

Benefits at a glance​

  • View all orders placed at Flender
  • Questions to your order? - Contact your responsible Flender employees!
  • Track&trace – know where your products are
  • Download order and product documents

My Equipments


  • Log in to your account
  • Search for a delivered product
  • Check spare part drawing and the part list
  • Use predefined packages

Benefits at a glance

  • Browse the installed base
  • Find spare parts via drawings
  • Use predefined packages or services
  • Seamless conversion into an order or into a project