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DMG2 Tube Mill Gear Units

Tube Mills

  • Single Pinion Drives
  • Central Drives
  • Load Sharing Girth Gear Units


With a power requirement of up to 30 MW, tube mills belong to the largest driven machines. They crush minerals (ores or cement clinker) by impact and friction until the material is pulverized. The tube mills, which can have a diameter of up to 15 m and a length of up to 20 m, are installed horizontally.

With tube mills, a distinction is made between different drive variants. Flender particularly specializes in:

- Single pinion drives
- Central drives
- Load sharing girth gear units

For all three variants, Flender offers the entire drive system: Motor, gear unit, couplings, pinion, and girth gear, as well as auxiliary drive, safety devices, and diagnostic systems.