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Paper and Pulp Preparation Sections

The drive units for papermaking and finishing plants vary considerably with regard to type and size. In most cases, the reason for this is the size of the plant aswell as the kind of paper to be made – such as board, newsprint, filter, money, or art paper, to name but a few. More than 1300 complete paper machine drives worldwide testify to our expertise – an expression of confidence in Siemens as one of the leading suppliers in this sector of industry.

Drawing on several decades of papermaking experience, FLENDER offers both standard and customized gear units for the most diverse applications in the paper industry: mechanical pulp, cellulose manufacture, waste paper recycling, dryer section, glazing rollers & M.G. cylinders, coating machines, calenders, and waste water purification plants.

Discover more about FLENDER gear units specially designed for the paper industry.