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FLENDER-GRAFFENSTADEN - Your global partner for high-performance gearboxes

For more than 60 years,  Flender-Graffenstaden  is recognised as the world leader for turbo gearboxes (high-performance gearboxes for high-speed working machines)

Based on the experience of more than 12,000 products in operation, globally, Flender-Graffenstaden manufactures high efficient gear units suitable for high-speed drives in power plants, refineries, offshore and onshore oil and gas installations, petrochemical and industrial process plants. Flender-Graffenstaden provides turbo parallel shaft gearboxes and integral gearboxes. Designed to meet specific customer requirements, the products can reach rotation speeds up to 40,000 rpm and power outputs  of up to 100 MW.

Flender Graffenstaden