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The FLENDER ONE gear unit outperforms all of the previous models not only with regard to efficiency, but also in terms of sustainability.


Today, all market participants have to take the sustainability of their plants or production very seriously. Get your drive technology ready for a sustainable future. With its outstanding energy efficiency, FLENDER ONE will catapult you into a leading position.

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The production of FLENDER ONE is CO2-neutral in accordance with internationally recognized environmental standards.

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energy efficiency

The optimized gear set, among other features, saves energy during operation, which reduces costs.

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cooling costs

The innovative housing design reduces cooling costs or even eliminates the need for cooling altogether.

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Adapting the solutions perfectly to meet your requirements with regard to torque and transmission ratio eliminates unnecessary costs.

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and reliability

The highest standards for development, manufacturing and service guarantee fault-free operation over the long term.

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optimization concepts

Due to the gear unit intelligence and structural improvements, you save installation and maintenance time.

Calculate your Power
Generation and CO² Benefits

Machine capacity

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  • 11000
  • 11500
  • 12000
  • 12500

Machine operating times

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Days per week
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of a conventional
gear unit

Savings per year
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FLENDER ONE Conventional

A direct comparison
The carbon footprint

It goes without saying that modern industrial gear units should also be considered and assessed from an environmental perspective. Every market player – in every sector – is now duty-bound to take a close look at the sustainability of their plant or production system. The carbon footprint soon comes under scrutiny. Make sure your drive technology meets the demands of a sustainable future. By choosing FLENDER ONE with its excellent energy efficiency, you might well be opting for the best gear solution available today.

You carbon footprint:
OPEX footprint

FLENDER ONE coche toutes les bonnes cases pour les clients, et combine cela avec le plus petit concept d’entraînement possible. La vitesse de rotation et le couple parfaitement équilibrés, qui permettent d’éviter systématiquement les gaspillages, font de FLENDER ONE une solution optimale du point de vue énergétique. Ses faibles besoins de refroidissement, son intelligence et ses concepts d’optimisation renforcent encore davantage le caractère durable de FLENDER ONE. De plus, FLENDER ONE affiche des exigences minimales en matière d’huile grâce à sa longue durée de vie, des intervalles de vidange d’huile espacés, une qualité et une fiabilité exceptionnelles, tout en garantissant un temps de fonctionnement maximal. Tout cela signifie que FLENDER ONE se classe parmi les réducteurs les plus durables du marché.

Our carbon footprint:
CAPEX footprint

This unique profile is supported by our carbon-neutral production, which conforms to the very latest standards. For a gear unit supplier to achieve genuine sustainability, it must comply with the most exacting, internationally recognized environmental standards and certify that its entire supply chain does the same. This sets FLENDER ONE apart from many of its foreign competitors. In a world where so-called soft facts are increasingly becoming hard facts, there is no ignoring FLENDER ONE.


Our sustainability efforts extend beyond company bounds. All our suppliers join Flender in signing the code of conduct that requires for a collaboration an adherence to strict principles with regard to human rights and environmental protection.

By 2030 Flender will be operating in a 100 % carbon-neutral way. An ambitious yet necessary goal, on which we are focusing our actions

​Andreas Evertz, Flender Group CEO.


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