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Diagnostic Services


Only intelligent drive technology with its integrated sensors and analytics is fit for the future. It ...

  • optimizes processes,
  • saves costs in the life cycle,
  • reduces the use of valuable resources.

Our gear intelligence AIQ gets to the heart of the drive.

Sensor system, diagnosis, services
Diagnostic Services

With DIAGNOSTIK SERVICES and AIQ we are taking an important step into the digital future of mechanical drive technology. AIQ helps the gear unit identify and flag up any deviations in the system while the system is running and so initiates accurate early damage identification by our experts. The "digital gear unit" opens up new possibilities for forward-looking maintenance: necessary measures can be taken in good time, services can be better planned. In conjunction with optimized spart part management life-cycle costs can be significantly reduced and longer gear unit stoppages almost completely prevented.

Benefit from:

  • Mobile measuring and diagnostic services available worldwide through local service teams
  • Remote diagnostic services for standard and application gear units
  • High data reliability thanks to comprehensive technological and product knowhow and diagnosticians’ comprehensive knowledge of the industry
  • Gear-unit service straight from the manufacturer

Diagnostic Services - Flender Condition Monitoring


Mobile Services

  • Mobile Services
  • Vibration recording
  • Temperature measurement
  • Visual inspection
  • Expert diagnosis of recorded data

Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors

  • Standalone monitoring for standard gear units
  • Vibration recording
  • Speed measurement (optional)
  • Torque tracking (optional)

Remote Service

Remote Service

  • Remote expert monitoring for application gear units
  • Vibration recording
  • Speed measurement
  • Torque tracking
  • Pressure display