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Turbo Gear Units

Turbo gearboxes from Illkirch-Graffenstaden

We have so far manufactured and installed more than 15,000 gearboxes worldwide. Every one of them is tailor-made to meet customer requirements.

Unique and reliable: the Flender works in Illkirch-Graffenstaden develops and produces high-precision turbo gearboxes. Our gearboxes are capable of transmitting the power of an ocean liner with the precision of clockwork. We produce tooth modules that fulfill our customers’ specific requirements. This challenge we are able to meet every day thanks to the knowhow, the care and the precision of our employees that are involved in every phase of development and production.

We develop and manufacture
high-precision turbo gearboxes

Our products are designed for speeds of up to 40,000 revolutions a minute and outputs of 100 MW and are manufactured with micrometer accuracy so as to achieve 99% efficiency.



Compact and reliable


The gear unit for greater reliability and increased availability


Deliver highest performance to minimize asset loss.
The FGP+ can enhance your new projects as well as existing systems.


Meets all requirements thanks to its high efficiency.


Auxiliary gear units combine all ancillary units that are needed to operate a turbine.


The solution delivering the highest performance currently available on the market.


Simple design with a high output

Daily development of new products

Every one of our gearboxes is an individual piece. Innovations and planning of parts to meet the customer’s individual requirements in an industrial, standardized and automated process are the challenge our engineering design department is able to meet every day.

Our engineers analyse and plan high-performance products in accordance with the customer’s specifications. They work on them with an agility and reactivity that is aimed at ensuring continuous improvement of the process.

Ensuring unlimited conformity

Every individually manufactured machine is subjected to testing and proving on our test rigs at real speeds, under load and sometimes, if required, under full load. If the test is passed successfully, our engineers certify the conformity of our machines.

Best quality worldwide

One of the main reasons for the outstanding quality of our turbo gearboxes is our quality management. Every one of our employees works daily to supply our customers with machines of the highest quality. Our quality assurance system is integrated into all our processes, from sales and marketing through to delivery, to enable us to ensure the the conformity of each product. And because we strive to do better every day, since 2001 we have been working to continuously improve the entire process by using lean tools. Whether it is in our offices or in production, continuous improvement is part of our DNA.

High-performance gearboxes (turbo gearboxes) for step-up and step-down transmission




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