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DX Mobile

In DX Mobile we offer you a flexible, cost-efficient condition monitoring solution for all your working machinery.

Drive condition is measured on site by Flender service specialists using a portable measuring device. The gear unit, the motor, the couplings and the foundations are then carefully inspected and recorded in a report. DX Mobile is then complemented by a visual inspection of the gear unit interior through the inspection hole cover – that way more information can be obtained about the oil, possible bearing wear and the condition of the teeth.

DX Mobile can be used for monitoring at regular intervals of time or for trouble shooting in cases of identifiable changes to the system. Data evaluation and diagnosis are carried out promptly by our proficient team of experts.

Your benefits:

  • Low-priced solution for recording the condition of standard drives
  • Fast entry into condition monitoring
  • Valuable tool for trouble shooting
  • Comprehensive knowledge of condition thanks to the use of experienced gear unit experts