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NAVILUS 2-Speed Gearboxes

Information material

2 speeds – 1 step ahead

One machine, two operating speeds

In the marine propulsion technology sector it is important to operate a ship’s main engine over long periods at the most efficient operating point possible. This is especially important for applications with different propulsion profiles. The main challenges here are the lowest possible operating and life cycle costs, minimum environmental impact and noise emissions, reliability and safety. Switch to maximum efficiency during every journey with FLENDER ® gearboxes.

FLENDER offers 2-speed gearboxes of the third generation for ships with two speed modes that

  • require an alternative drive system (redundant system, emergency system),
  • are to be propelled by a hybrid drive (parallel drive consisting of a diesel engine and an electric motor),
  • produce power while being propelled by a diesel engine or
  • need a combination of these three requirements.

Yet, 35 reference gearboxes between 1,800 and 10,500 kW with center distances ranging from 710 to 1,250 mm are installed in

  • product tankers (with class notation APS),
  • research vessels,
  • fishing vessels and
  • rescue ships in single or double gearbox versions

Experience improves marine gearboxes

Real conditions at sea can only be simulated to a limited extent. For this reason, it is essential that FLENDER applies the experience gathered in each project to the next one – with gearbox expertise and maritime know-how. Our customers appreciate our solutions because they are tailored to their needs.

Our 2-speed gearboxes can be found in the following applications:

  • Seismic vessels
  • Fishing vessels     
  • Rescue vessels
  • Chemical tankers
  • Superyachts

NAVILUS 2-speed gearboxes are available in the following versions:

  • Single-engine gearboxes
  • Multiple-engine gearboxes
  • Horizontal version
  • Vertical version
  • All common classifications / design regulations
  • All power classes up to 20 MW