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PLANUREX 3 Standard Series

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Gear Units

Expect more.


Expect more.

  • Planetary gear unit for horizontal and vertical mounting positions
  • Rated torque from 480,000 Nm up to 5,450,000 Nm (17 sizes)
  • Transmission ratios from i = 1:45 up to 1:300

Premium has many facets in the world of drives. These result from the expectations that customers place on a product and from how they are fulfilled. With our PLANUREX 3 gearboxes we redefine these expectations. PLANUREX 3 stands for a new generation of extremely power-tight, multi-purpose premium planetary gearheads.

PLANUREX 3 offers a complete, fully standardized planetary gear unit portfolio, combined with short delivery times worldwide, an excellent price/performance ratio and very high modularity. The concept strikes the optimum balance between power density, availability and costs.

Since plants are often operated at their design limits and beyond, our gear units have to withstand the highest loads as well as enormous axial and radial forces. With PLANUREX 3, we therefore offer extremely compact premium drive solutions that meet the high requirements of continuous operation and promise you maximum operational reliability even under discontinuous loads. This new gear generation not only offers the highest power density, but also extremely robust gear units and makes a decisive contribution to the availability of your work machine.

The series offers you various options for optimally adapting the gear unit to the requirements of your application, e.g:

  • Gear unit base for base mounting
  • Torque shaft support
  • Support 2 (Chun version)
  • Connection for oil cooling
  • Suitable for temperatures down to -40 °C

Your benefits at a glance

  • Highest power density: compact, lightweight, powerful
  • High efficiencies and maximum efficiency
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • High overload capacity: Nominal torque x 2
  • Very high modularity
  • Many sizes in harmonic gradation close to the desired torque
  • 3D design with FEM
  • Available i. e. individually or as integrated drive train


  • Roller presses
  • Sugar cane mills
  • Central drive
  • Apron feeder
  • Vertical mill drives
  • Travel drives
  • and many more

Did you already know?

DIAGNOSTEX is the next step into the digital future of drive technology. Our gearboxes can optionally be equipped with measuring sensors to continuously monitor the condition of the systems during operation. In this way, any maintenance measures can be anticipated and planned, maintenance costs reduced and downtimes avoided.

> Diagnostic Services

> Roller presses

> Sugar cane mill drives