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We have compiled the most important questions and answers about FLENDER ONE for you here. Do you have further questions you’d like to have clarified? We look forward to speaking with you personally!


FLENDER ONE offers many advantages. The most important of these lies in the immense savings potential in terms of effort, time and costs. In the case of a simple and fast configuration, no further design and no further gear unit know-how is required. All you need to do is enter your machine requirements. You will quickly receive the necessary information, including 3-D construction data. FLENDER ONE will match your requirements as closely as possible. Its 103 transmission ratios per size result in a speed fit of at least 98.5 percent. Your advantage: exact gear unit selection, without waste. You additionally often save effort through streamlined planning and construction, as well as through a reduction in cooling measures. And not to forget: all the powerful arguments FLENDER ONE gives you vis-à-vis your customers (see next question).
Put simply, FLENDER ONE pays off. Due to its extremely low power dissipation, the gear unit pays for itself through reduced energy costs alone – in most cases within just a few years. All while fulfilling the speed requirement of your machine with high precision (to within 1.5 percent) and offering an extraordinarily harmonized torque range. FLENDER ONE makes overdimensioning unnecessary and has a low space requirement. It generally needs relatively little additional cooling – if any at all. It brings further savings through reduced and better-plannable downtime thanks to its onboard sensor technology and the long service life of its bearings, oil and gear units.
FLENDER ONE’s high energy efficiency saves valuable resources. This advantage is complemented by our sustainable production in accordance with the latest standards. We fulfill internationally recognized environmental standards of the highest category and ensure the same for our entire supply chain.
Form follows function: a redesign of the two largest housing models wouldn’t have made sense in terms of economy or sustainability. The higher power ranges include cooling systems with greater performance ranges. Here, unlike with the smaller gear units, the cooling effect gained through an increased surface area would be negligible.


You can place your order via various channels. The simplest way is to order online through the Flender Mall. Here, you will also find all relevant information, such as drawings, 3-D models, operation manuals, prices and lead times. You are of course also welcome to contact us in any of the traditional ways, from email to telephone.
No. On the basis of your requirements, the configurator directs you straight to the right choice. We speak your language and make the configuration as easy as possible for you. We provide detailed explanations so that you can always understand clearly why we suggest a given version. This allows you to concentrate fully on your machine or plant design, without the need to acquire any specific gear unit know-how. 
Yes. Our configuration takes into account comprehensive knowledge of regulations and the most up-to-date calculations in order to determine the one solution among innumerable possibilities that best meets your requirements. In doing so, we of course ensure that this solution is practicable in both production and use. Should this, given your requirements, not be directly feasible within the framework of the configuration, our engineers will take up your request and find a fitting solution.
As a registered customer, you will see the price of your configured solution as soon as you have placed the product in the shopping cart.
Once drawn up, a configuration can be ordered. Any employee of your company whom you have previously defined as a user can place the configuration in the shopping cart and immediately order it.
No. The configurator is a selection tool which identifies the right solution quickly and reliably. You can order the gear unit online afterwards or request a quote. You may of course also leave the selection of the appropriate solution to us by sending us a request stating your requirements in the traditional manner.
Yes. After configuration, you can request a quote and order on the basis of this.
Once we have verified your order and registered it in our system, we send you confirmation and begin processing your order. Depending on the complexity of the order, this may involve a number of different departments (for example, engineering, production and assembly). A short time later, we send you documents for your further planning. Once the gear unit and any further components have been produced and assembled, a load-free trial run is carried out on our test stands. Finally, we send the components to the location you have specified.
No. Your configuration includes all necessary checks. No additional checks are needed, and the gear unit that has been drawn up may be ordered immediately.
You may simply get in touch with your contact partner at Flender or use our online support service. 
As a matter of principle, our systems are conceived so that you can understand them easily, without a personal contact. Should you nonetheless wish for assistance, your contact partner is of course available at any time.
In many cases, we produce a 3-D file for you immediately after you complete your configuration. (This should not take more than a few minutes, depending on complexity.) The data it contains gives you a reliable basis upon which to begin planning. If you order a solution that goes beyond the options initially available through the configurator, our engineers will provide the files as quickly as possible.
Yes, as a registered user, provides you with an overview of all of your Flender orders – regardless of which channels you have placed your orders through.
As a registered user, you can find the order and delivery status in your order overview on


Click on “Contact us” and briefly describe your concern. We will direct your inquiry to the appropriate contact partner, who will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.