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Blog post

Welcome to our new websites!

Interactive, modern, and intuitive - these are the targets we have set for the re-design of our websites www.flender.com and www.winergy-group.com. As the Partner of Choice, our focus is on a positive user experience through and through, also on the web.

The website is the shop window of a company and often marks the first impression visitors get. Since the outbreak of the Covic-19 pandemic, however, it is much more than that. It is the center of all digital activities in public relations.  

Whether you are interested in a product or job opportunities, need support for a gearbox, generator or coupling, or simply want to know what Flender is doing, a company's website and the associated digital channels provide you with any information you need.

More motion graphics and new, intuitive menu navigation

After being back as an independent company, our two Flender websites http://www.flender.com and http://www.winergy-group.com now also appear in a new look and feel.

The most obvious change: the new design. Furthermore, the menu structure and content have been updated as well.

Videos and animations, interesting topics and, of course, all information about our products is what visitors find on our pages. The user experience is a top priority. Every visitor now finds an intuitive entry point to our product world: by selecting their industry or the application for which the product is intended, or directly entering the product search. New on the website is our “Digital” section.

Our digital products, such as the "Diagnostex" series, make us a pioneer in many areas of drive technology. By linking the products to each other, our product pages now also offer extended cross-selling opportunities.

Careers, sustainability, and exciting stories

The "Career" section is also a new feature. We not only aim to deliver best and sustainable drive technology, but we also want to be the best employer for our employees. We demonstrate this by continuous investments in training and development, and by promoting diversity, commitment, and the courage to change.

Two additional newcomers on our webste: The news blog, with exciting stories about what is moving and concerning you and us, and a section dedicated to sustainability. It forms the basis for our actions. Learn how Flender takes responsibility for the environment, employees, and society.


And now, we hope you enjoy discovering
our new digital world!