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Flender Mall: Your Hub to Order, Track, and Get Product Information

Easy configuration and selection of your specific product and solutions. All necessary documents in one place.
What started in 2017, has come a long way since, with new features and substantial step changes in performance: Our Flender Mall. We can proudly announce that our own web shop is ready to move the world just like Flender does.
The Flender Mall is a fast and precise way to order Flender solutions. But it does not stop there. Customers can easily manage orders and access purchase related information and documents, anytime, 24/7. The product scope covers gear units, couplings, spare parts and many others.
To get more detailed information about Flender Mall, we asked Susanne Titz and Elmar Rosendahl from the Flender eBusiness team. We will highlight a few of the key features:

-    Access and login to Flender Mall via our website Flender.com
-    Features for customers: Self-Service Portal, Purchase Orders, myEquipement
-    Features for employees: Assistant Service Mode and Webquote@Flender
-    Winergy Webshop
-    Roadmap for future features

Flender Corporate Communications: Where do I find the Flender Mall?

Susanne Titz: Access point to our Flender Mall is our homepage www.flender.com.

Elmar Rosendahl: Exactly, our registered customers can easily login with their e-mail address and password. For Flender internal users, we also provide an access via Single Sign-On (SSO).

Flender Corporate Communications: Oh, so both customers and Flender employees can use the Flender Mall. Let’s talk about our customers. What features offers Flender Mall for them?

Elmar Rosendahl: Our clients can order a lot of different Flender products in Flender Mall. Besides ordering our focus is on providing an easy self-service for the customer.

Susanne Titz: Our customers can access all orders they placed at Flender, no matter through which order channel (electronical or manual) they were sent. They can download all order specific documents like order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices. Furthermore, the customers can track & trace their orders.

Elmar Rosendahl: In addition, customers have access to their product history through the myEquipment function. They can use a serial number to search for their equipment and view technical details of the delivered product. Individual spare parts lists and predefined spare part packages with access to the spare part drawings are available.

Flender Corporate Communications: Quite an amount of information to keep updated in the shop. How do you manage this?

Susanne Titz: That is quite easy. Flender Mall is directly linked to our SAP and several other IT systems, e.g. DT-configurator (DTK). The Flender Mall is just displaying all the information from the IT systems. There is no data stored in the shop itself.

Flender Corporate Communications: So, how can the customer order?

Elmar Rosendahl:  Our customers have different possibilities to add products to their cart. First option:Selecting their specific product by using our configurators in the DTK. The second option is adding products by article numbers (MLFB, FFA-number) directly to the cart. Additionally, the customers can use their very own Customer Article Numbers (CAN) to purchase their products. With an equipment serial number, the spare parts can be selected and added to the cart.

Flender Corporate Communications: You said the customers can use the DT-configurator to select their products. Can they also get product related information in Flender Mall?

Susanne Titz: Yes, the customers can download all documents provided by the DTK for their selected product. These product specific data include 2D/3D data, datasheets and operating manuals. The downloads of the documents can also be retrieved in the cart. In addition, the customers can access the downloads in the order details.

Elmar Rosendahl: We also provide to pricing details during the configuration process in the DTK. And since this year, customers and internal users can download spare part drawings and anonymous order details within the function myEquipment.

Flender Corporate Communications: We as Flender and our customers are operating all around the world, is the Flender Mall available internationally?

Elmar Rosendahl: Yes! Since Flender standalone we established Flender Mall in many regions worldwide. By now, we have about 500 active debtors in the shop with 2,000 user accounts.

Susanne Titz: To get access, the customers must request a login first. To do so, please use the following link www.flender.com/requestLogin to the contact form.

Flender Corporate Communications: Flender has two brands on the market, Flender and Winergy. Do our customers from the wind industry also benefit from Flender Mall?

Elmar Rosendahl: Winergy does indeed have its own online presence. On the Winergy website, you can sign in to the Winergy Webshop. Basically, the Winergy Webshop works in the same way as the Flender Mall. Customers can quickly and easily select spare parts for wind turbines via an online catalog, view available spare gears and manage their Equipment.

Susanne Titz: In a similar fashion, the customers also have access to their order history including details, documents, and track & trace.

Flender Corporate Communications: We talked a lot about customers, but at the beginning you mentioned that Flender employees can also use the Flender Mall. Can you tell us something more about that?

Susanne Titz: One important aspect regarding internal employees using the Flender Mall is the so-called Assisted Service Mode (ASM). With the help of the Assisted Service Mode, Flender sales can login to a customer account and help them e.g. by preparing carts. Furthermore, Flender sales can support customers if they have any questions or problems on how to use Flender Mall.

Elmar Rosendahl: Second feature for internal users is Webquote@Flender. This functionality allows a quick and easy creation of quotes. Webquote is linked to Salesforce, SAP and DTK to allow a continuous flow of data and information. This makes the quotation process more efficient and enables us to submit an offer to the customer more quickly. In addition, we can generate clearly arranged quote documents with other helpful functions such as embedded QR codes and links. By scanning the codes, our customers get additional information about the product. As mentioned earlier in this interview, internal users can use an equipment serial number to search for equipment details, e.g. spare parts, spare part drawings and anonymous order details, within the function myEquipment.

Flender Corporate Communications: What additional topics are on your roadmap?

Elmar Rosendahl: Although the list of requirements is very long, our focus in the next months is on the following topics:

1.    Rollout of the Flender Mall in China
2.    Enhancement of MyEquipment functions
3.    Implementation of Document Lifecycle into the  self service-Portal: From  request to quote to order
4.    Improvement of Webquote feature

Flender Corporate Communications: Thank you for this interview!

Learn more about our Flender Mall in our new Feature Blog, where we regularly walk you through features and provide step-by-step video tutorials.

To request access to the Flender Mall with us, please fill in the inquiry here: www.flender.com/requestLogin