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PLANUREX 3 L individual drives

Technical Data
Reference Torque up to 2,250 kNm
Transmission up to i = 300
Type Planetary gear units
Information material

Maximum power density – PLANUREX 3 L individual drives for your sugar cane mill

The immediate advantages of using PLANUREX® 3 gear units lie in the cost benefits for drive systems and driven machines. Our gear units with a high power density are light and compact and thus reduce the load acting on the rollers and the mill’s structure. The oil supply system can be optionally mounted directly on the PLANUREX 3 L. This produces a powerful unit with an exceedingly compact design, whose low weight ensures low secondary forces.

Compact gear units allow smaller and more economical driven machines and drive motors to be used. The rolling bearings on the input and output shafts are protected by high-performance seals as standard in order to achieve maximum plant availability in conjunction with low maintenance costs.

Optimized gear geometries and meshing reduce the friction and increase the energy efficiency. State-of-the-art gear design and top manufacturing quality increase the reliability and service life and optimize the maintenance costs.

The series’ harmonically spaced torque steps avoid an oversized design, ensure that the solution is very close to the operating point of the mill, and make it easier to select the most suitable gear unit solution.

Your benefits

  • Space-saving installation without specific requirements on a foundation and an oil supply system that can be optionally mounted directly on the gear unit
  • Low running costs and high efficiency due to optimized gear geometries and the high level of manufacturing quality
  • A maximum of variability for the connection to the grinding roller through a number of different design options for the output shaft
  • Maximum flexibility for the mill design through maximum power density
  • Long service life through application-oriented design and top-class quality
  • Maximum plant availability through the use of high-performance seals as standard
  • High overload capacity for greater reliability under operating conditions involving high loads
  • 3D CAD-design data available for configuration purposes during plant planning