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Flender prefers and awards suppliers which are best in class in Quality, Logistics, R&D and Innovation and Account Management and are able to fulfill our expectations in these categories:


  • Consistently low ppm level
  • Consistently low incident rates
  • Low gross and net Non-Conformity Costs (NCC)
  • High score for Quality in the yearly supplier performance evaluation (≥ 80/100)
  • Efficient handling of quality claims
  • Zero defect culture / quality awareness / continuous improvement track-record
  • Effective support in failure diagnosis and root-cause-analysis


  • Consistently high level of delivery reliability
  • Consistently high level of delivery capability
  • Flexible
  • Consignment stock and/or other logistic models are offered
  • Conforming packaging quality
  • High Delivery quality: e.g. packing note, labeling, etc..
  • High score for logistics in the yearly supplier performance evaluation (≥ 80/100)
  • Electronic integration
  • Willingness to cooperate in logistics (optimization) projects

R&D and Innovation

  • Delivers innovation in process and/or product
  • Willingness to invest resources in innovation for Flender
  • Creative and offers new perspectives
  • Is proactive and comes with innovation to Flender first
  • Cutting edge technical capability
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art of technology in the market
  • Digitalization high on the agenda

Account Management

  • Excellent support to all (technical, commercial and financial) functions
  • Respects and satisfies requirements from different roles (engineering, quality, procurement, etc,).
  • High degree of customer intimacy: understands our business and advocates for us in the own organization
  • Fast and accurate responses
  • Proactive and anticipative
  • Professional and compliant
  • High score for commercial & technical criteria in the yearly supplier performance evaluation (≥ 80/100)