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industrial training

Instead of calling the handyman, you try to fix things yourself at home?
Are you good with cordless screwdrivers, drills or other technical tools?
Do you have manual skills?
Then the following professions are interesting for you:

Cutting Machine Operator in Bocholt or Penig
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering + Cutting Machine Operator in Bocholt
Industrial Mechanic in Bocholt or Penig

Do you always have an overview and like to keep things in place?
Do you like to lend a hand, but are you also interested in office work?
This is the right apprenticeship for you:

Warehouse Logistics Specialist in Bocholt or Penig 

You want to understand the interaction of electrical engineering and mechanics?
A circuit is a familiar concept for you?
These professions are your future:

Mechatronics Technican in Bocholt or Penig
Bachelor of Engineering Mechatronics + Mechatronics Technican in Bocholt

You want to understand and learn different coating processes?
Are you interested in paint structure and composition?
Then apply for the following apprenticeship:

Coating Technology Process Mechanic in Penig

Technical Formation at Flender

You like to draw and you have an eye for details?
Math is not just a compulsory program for you?
When it comes to spatial awareness, no one can fool you?
Then click here to find out more about our technical apprenticeships:

Technical Product Designer in Penig
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering + Technical Product Designer in Bocholt
Bachelor of Engineering Sustainable Engineering and Management in Bocholt

Comercial Formation at Flender

You are communicative and like to approach people openly?
Do you have a talent for structured work?
Do you like to work analytically?
Click here to find the right apprenticeship for you:

Industrial Business Management Assistant in Bocholt
Bachelor of Arts Business Management + Industrial Business Management Assistant in Bocholt

IT Formation at Flender