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Overview of all 9 production sites


Headquarter and Parts manufacturing

Alfred-Flender-Str. 77
46395 Bocholt

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Phone: 49 (2871) 92-0
Fax: 49 (2871) 92-2596

Short info
Founded: 1910
Size (total): 122,000 m2
Size (covered): 62,000 m2
Employees: approx. 1,040

Products and Services:

Lead factory for parts manufacturing for Wind and Industrial gears (high torque) .

Portfolio includes, among other things, the parts manufacturing shop, gear cutting shop and housing machining shop as well as the hardening shop.

Headquarter with ~200 employees (incl. R&D, Procurement, Controlling, Logistics and others).


Assembly for large industrial and wind turbine gear units

Am Industriepark 2
46562 Voerde

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Short info
Founded: 2001
Size (total): 265,000 m2
Size (covered): 116,000 m2
Employees: approx. 1,370

Products and Services:

Engineering, assembly, testing, service
of all Wind gears
of high torque Industrial gears


Standard gears

Thierbacher Str. 24
09322 Penig

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Short info
Founded: 1852
Size (total): 112,000 m2
Size (covered): 66,000 m2
Employees: approx. 470

Products and Services:

Engineering, part manufacturing, assembly, testing, service of standard industrial gear units (esp. FZG, SIP).

High investment in machinery and facilities over the last years.


High speed Gear Units for Turbo Machines

1, rue du Vieux Moulin 
67400  Illkirch-Graffenstaden

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Phone: +33 3 8867 6000

Short info
Founded: 1838
Size (total): 30,000 m2
Size (covered): 15,000 m2
Employees: approx. 310

Products and Services:

Entire business (incl. production) for high speed gear units for turbo machines.

Equipment is mainly used in the energy sector, Power Generation and Oil & Gas, serves customers worldwide.


Wind and Industrial Gears

1401 Madeline Lane 
Elgin, IL 60124

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Short info
Founded: 2001
Size (total): 60,000 m2
Size (covered): 16,000 m2
Employees: approx. 200

Products and Services:

Assembly, testing and mainly service of Wind gears and Industrial gears for North America.


Couplings location

Schlavenhorst 100
46395 Bocholt

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Short info
Founded: 1990
Size (total): 62,000 m2
Size (covered): 27,000 m2
Employees: approx. 430

Products and Services:

Entire business of couplings (incl. production) in a torque range from 0.5 Nm to 13,500,000 Nm.

The product range includes flexible and highly flexible couplings, all-steel disc couplings, gear and railway couplings, as well as fluid couplings and shrink discs for wind power plants.

High investment in 2015 for extension and new setup (including integration of former location Vreden).


Mechanical Drives

309/2 "A" Block, Chettipattu Village
Thandalam Post, Sriperumbur Taluk 
Kancheepuram Dist., 602 105 



Short info
Founded: 2005
Size (total): 75,000 m2
Size (covered): 16,000 m2
Employees: approx. 300

Products and Services:

Engineering, assembly, testing, service for local Wind and Industry customers.

Engineering/R&D hub for entire MD (approx. 100 employees).

Export hub for legacy and special gear units.


Mechanical Drives

Thane Belapur Road
Thane 400601 



Short info
Founded: 1982
Size (total): 70,000 m2
Size (covered): 60,000 m2
Employees: approx. 120

Products and Services:

Parts manufacturing


Mechanical Drives

No. 20, Shuangchen Middle Road
Beichen Economic Development Area (BEDA) 
Tianjin 300400 



Short info
Founded: 1996
Size (total): 255,000 m2
Size (covered): 120,000 m2
Employees: approx. 1550

Products and Services:

Nearly full range of MD portfolio (excl. Turbo gears, bevel gears, couplings) incl. R&D and engineering competence.

Supply to local customers and export, esp. to Asian countries and US (esp. wind gears).

Supply of parts for Geared motors and rail gear boxes (not part of MD).
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