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Locksmith-Welder – Vocational Programme

Locksmith – welder colleagues are trained in the production department on technical operations which are aligned with the school program, as well as in Flender’s „welding school“ – facility within the Subotica factory with the highest quality welding equipment and dedicated welding instructors who teach students about advanced technical processes and standards in this field. Students start with simple operations and work under supervision, and with time advance to more complex ones.


Location: Subotica
Duration: 3 years (Dual education)
Education: Technical secondary school pupils

Pupils who attend this educational profile within the local Technical high school, will have classes according to the dual system, that is, they will have theoretical subjects in school, while they will realize practical lessons in Flender factory in Subotica.

During the first year, pupils acquire practical knowledge in the school workshop, on modern welding simulators and at the end of the year spend two weeks in Flender factory in Subotica. In the second year they spend two days per week learning through work in our company, and in the third, final year they are in the company three days a week.

Internship in our company, in real working conditions enables students to acquire professional skills from Flender’s mentors who are certified for teaching students by Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as to learn using advanced technical equipemnt, they would otherwise not have access to. They learn the highest health and safety standards, procedures and use of equipment in their future profession,as well as adopt social skills such as communication with colleagues and team work, attitude towards work and the company, behavior in the workplace. By combining the knowledge they acquire in school, with the practical knowledge and skills they acquire in the company, pupils are properly trained for the needs of the economy and thus get better chances for employment after graduation. After graduation, most of the students remain to work within our factory as they are already familiar with technology, processes and colleagues, as well as due to the fact that our welding technology is at a very advanced level which graduates find challenging and motivating.

Access to this type of program is determined by the plan of enrollment in technical secondary schools, goverened by the Serbian Ministry of Education, as well as the laws related to secondary education and dual education in the Republic of Serbia.