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Come join a company, that is thinking towards the future.

Apprenticeship at Flender


Which job fits you?



For which location do you want to apply for?

Finding the right profession is not that easy. Take a closer look at our apprenticeships and dual studies here  to find out which profession suits your interests the best. You are also welcome to do an internship at Flender to find out which profession you enjoy most. Click here to do so.

Pupil internship

As a pupil, you have the chance to gain first professional experience for your future at our locations in Bocholt and Penig. For this, we offer voluntary internships during school holidays or a student internship. In Bocholt, we also offer you the possibility to take part in a career orientation program.

Pupil Internship

Get to know the following occupations during an internship with us:

Specialist in warehouse logistics (m/f/d)
Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)
Cutting machine operator (m/f/d)
Mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)
Technical product designer (m/f/d)
IT Specialist Application Development (m/f/d) 
IT Specialist Application System Integration (m/f/d)

You can find information about the individual professions here: 
Get to know all professions at Flender

Or apply directly:

Flender Academy

Join an international company that thinks future. Start your career at Flender. At our company we ready you and other trainees or dual-track students in your occupational group for practical work. We put great value on equality of opportunity and welcome job applications from people with disabilities.

Become part of the Flender Academy!


Find the answers to your questions here. If you still have questions after that, please feel free to contact us:

In order to get an as comprehensive picture of you as possible, we ask you to upload a cover letter, your resume, as well as your most recent school certificate and, if available, internship certificates. 
No, there is no defined application deadline. 
Please only apply online via our application system. Applications submitted in any other way will be returned and unfortunately cannot be considered.
Creating an application in our application system takes just a few minutes, as you only need to upload your application documents and enter some data. If an online assessment is required for your apprenticeship, this will take 60-80 minutes. If you are subsequently invited to an interview, you can expect 60-90 minutes.
If you want to apply, visit All Jobs and click on your desired training.
Click on the button "apply" and a short application form will appear. You also have the possibility to specify a second and third wish. As soon as you have filled out the form, you will receive an e-mail with all further information and access data to complete your application.
During the next steps, you will be asked to upload a curriculum vitae in table form, a cover letter and any references or certificates you may have. In addition, depending on the training occupation you are applying for, an online assessment is scheduled.
Have you uploaded all the documents and taken part in the online assessment? Great, your application is now complete, and you'll receive an e-mail from us as a confirming receipt. Don't worry, you don't have to do all this in one day. Once you start your application, you have 14 days to finish it.
You don't know exactly which apprenticeship at Flender suits you? Then take our quiz here which will suggest an apprenticeship that suits you within a few questions.
Ja, für den gesamten Bewerbungsprozess hast du 14 Tage Zeit. Wenn für dein Ausbildungsberuf ein Online-Assessment vorgesehen ist, muss dieser ebenfalls in der Frist abgeschlossen werden. Unser Online-Assessment besteht aus mehreren Testmodulen. Zwischen den Modulen kannst du jederzeit unterbrechen. Wir empfehlen aber den Online-Test am Stück durchzuführen. Ein Schließen des Browsers innerhalb eines Testmoduls führt jedoch zu einem Abbruch, ohne die Möglichkeit sich erneut einzuloggen. Nachdem du ein Modul abgeschlossen hast, kannst du natürlich pausieren und dich anschließend mit deinen Zugangsdaten ohne Probleme erneut einloggen. 
Yes, we are even happy if you indicate a second choice. During the application process in the online portal, you have the option of specifying a second and third choice.


If you have questions about the application process, you can always contact the Flender Academy by e-mail (
For questions about an internship, feel free to e-mail (for Bocholt) and (for Penig).
After sending your application via the online portal, you will receive a confirmation of receipt with a date when the selection process starts. Since several parties are involved in the selection process, a response may take a little longer.
You are welcome to do an internship at Flender to get to know us better. You can find more information online: Internship | Flender.
We have two training locations: Bocholt and Penig. If you apply for the Bocholt location, you may also be assigned to Voerde and Bocholt-Mussum. We have a bus transfer between Bocholt and Voerde which you can use free of charge.


We believe diversity enriches our workplace. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that our recruiting and candidate screening processes are unbiased and that there is no discrimination against any background, and we live this statement. 



The application process for the start of apprenticeships and dual studies on 01.09.2024 has begun. Apply for Bocholt and Penig online via our career portal. All positions have already been filled for the start of apprenticeships and dual studies in 2023.

Student competition

We are part of the student competition "Schüler macht MI(N)T!". Take part now:



El mundo se halla en transformación. Abundan las incertidumbres. Y, sin embargo, ya hoy en día se saben muchas cosas: el ser humano continuará necesitando energía, viajando y extrayendo materias primas dentro de un siglo. Todo ello requerirá, también en el futuro, una tecnología de accionamiento óptima. Nuestra visión consiste en colaborar estrechamente con todas nuestras partes interesadas para forjar juntos un futuro sostenible y alcanzar el valor óptimo para nuestros clientes. Dicho de otro modo: The Partner of Choice for a Sustainable Future.