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Our product knowhow lies in our development and engineering design departments. There all component parts are designed and calculated. To ensure that this knowhow is retained and new product ideas developed, we ready our technical trainees at the Flender Academy for the future with the latest techniques, such as 3D printing. So with their background our starting engineers can also work in many other areas of the company, such as product management or sales & marketing.

Your Benefits
with Us

  • 35-hour week, no weekend work and no alternating shifts during training
  • 30 days of vacation, vacation pay and Christmas bonus
  • Induction week with all trainees and various trainee events
  • Development and training opportunities
  • Very good chances of being taken on
  • Apprenticeship pay at the Bocholt and Penig sites in accordance with the IG Metall labor contract

FOR 2022

We are still looking for apprentices for our Bocholt location in the industrial sector. For the Penig location, we are also accepting applications for all apprenticeships.


As a technical product designer (m/f/x) you prepare detailed designs, plans, schematics and component calculations. You also analyze and design components and material properties, and contribute your own ideas.
Even during your training program the Flender Academy your training will be supplemented with workshops on project management and professional presentation. You will also be assigned to various projects with other product design trainees (m/f/x) in your training year.
We’re looking forward to receiving your application for this interesting and varied program.

Workplaces: Bocholt 
Program duration: 3.5 years (with the option of a reduction to 3 years for good performance)
Entry requirements: upper secondary school leaving certificate/ good lower secondary school leaving certificate
Vocational school: Berufskolleg Bocholt-West (Bocholt site) 


This degree program prepares you for a highly creative occupation in an industrial environment. You will be modeling technical components such as drive shafts, gear wheels and housings, both in the conventional way and with modern 3D CAD software. If you enjoy figures, mathematics, physics and technology, have good visual thinking skills, and are able to work with complex programs, you’ll have no problem completing this combined vocational training and degree course.

Workplace: Bocholt
Training/study program duration: 4 years
Entry requirements: High school leaving certificate
University: Westfälische Hochschule Bocholt

During the program you will find out about many different areas of our organization. You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the design, service, sales, product management or research & development departments. When we optimize our service products, for example, we use sensors to monitor the state of the gear units under operating conditions and make the results available to the service engineer (m/f/x) online. From your workplace you can see when and what optimizations have been made to the system.
When you have completed the program you will be involved in the development of new product series, work with individual products as product management specialist (m/f/x) or help us to innovate as part of the research & development team.
This combined vocational training and study program is a great alternative to a conventional degree course. You can also follow it up with a master’s degree. Students who achieve excellent grades in the combined program generally enroll on the full-time master’s program while working one day a week.