Conveyor belt drives H-series

A FLENDER Conveyor Drive System for all Applications

Our comprehensive modular system offers drive solutions made up of standard components for any conveyor belt. The use of proven standard components means that customers profit from short delivery times and an excellent price-performance ratio.

If the ambient conditions allow it, it makes good sense to cost-effectively put together a drive from the highly-developed standard portfolio, because the modular system with its large selection of gear units, motors, bell housings, swing bases and add-on parts offers something for every requirement. The H-conveyor gear units are compact, have a high power density and are available in 25 construction sizes. They are very well suited for multiple drives to meet very high power requirements.

These belt drives have proved themselves in thousands of applications worldwide.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Large selection of 25 sizes with few component variants
  • Standardised components with an outstanding price-performance ratio
  • The modular system comprises comprehensive accessories (such as oil-supply systems, various shaft forms, backstops, brakes, fans, etc.)
  • Worldwide short delivery times
  • Highest power density
  • High reliability and operational dependability
  • Dustproof thanks to largely contactless and wear-free labyrinth seals
  • Flanged output shafts and flanged couplings enable easier gear-unit fitting combined with a small space requirement
  • High efficiencies
  • Outstanding noise characteristics thanks to ground bevel gears and sound-damping housings and especially high tooth contact ratios
  • IDS (Integrated Drive Systems) for perfect coordination and control

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