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DX Assist App

DX Assist App – Product Discontinuation

DX Assist App – Product Discontinuation

In the course of a revision of our product portfolio, we will discontinue the distribution of the DX Assist App, which among other things has served as one of the possible interfaces for the DX500 sensor, and shut down the services underlying the app as of October 01, 2023.

The main functions of the app will continue to be covered by other applications within our portfolio in the future.


Search function for spare parts information

If you are looking for the spare parts drawing or the spare parts list for your gearbox, then use our user-friendly Flender Mall. With your independent account by means of a quick login, you can not only view the spare parts for your gearbox, but also order them directly and easily. Increased flexibility means you can also access it using your cell phone.


Checking the status data from the DX500 sensor

If you want to connect to your Flender DX500 condition monitoring device, for example to check an alarm, please use the DX500 web software now. How to use the system is described in the following instructions: