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Greater efficiency from concept to operation – the power gear unit redefined.

  • Lower cooling costs due to an innovative ribbed design and unparalleled thermal capacity 
  • ­The METAPERFORM gearing with optimized performance reduces power dissipation by up to 50% in comparison with the previous model
  • ­AIQ, the new gear unit intelligence straight from the factory


Power gear units at a new level

The single-stage helical gear unit by Flender has long been setting benchmarks in the areas of paper production, pump applications and many other industrial applications. Now, the time has come to take this industrial classic to the next level.


Cool down your costs

As an OEM and end customer, with FLENDER ONE you can expect savings due to reductions in cooling costs, power dissipation and downtime as well as construction and maintenance costs. With a footprint identical to the previous series, both the surface area and the thermal capacity of FLENDER ONE have been increased significantly compared to the predecessor product. This is made possible by the groundbreaking ribbed design of the housing. Additional cooling measures will only be required much later, if at all. On the inside, the new METAPERFORM gearing with optimized performance ensures 50% less power dissipation in comparison with the previous model. That significantly reduces energy consumption. 
The new online configuration tool speaks your language, making it easy for you to satisfy your requirements for your finished product – even without gear unit expertise. You can download the applicable 3-D models and 2-D drawings directly. Moreover, you benefit from AIQ: our new gear unit intelligence with integrated sensor technology straight from the factory can prevent damage ahead of time while optimizing your specific process, which increases the efficiency of your plant. 


Reduce waste

Adapting the solutions perfectly to meet your requirements also lessens stress on our environment: Our consistent torque range meets any requirement, and because you can choose from the densest range of transmission stages in the world, with 103 transmission ratios between i = 1.0 and 7.1 per size, you can nearly match the precise rotation speed that your machine requires for maximum efficiency. This means you achieve a speed fit greater than 98.5%.


Your benefits at a glance:

• Groundbreaking ribbed design of the housing lowers cooling costs (external cooling optional)
• METAPERFORM gearing with optimized performance, improved roll-off characteristics and even more uniform path of contact 
• Nominal torque range of 1.9–245 kNm with 11 sizes
• Speed fit greater than 98.5%: densest range of transmission stages in the world, with 103 transmission ratios from i = 1.0 to 7.1 per size
• AIQ gear unit intelligence straight from the factory featuring integrated sensor technology and innovative analytical functions
• Innovative configuration even without gear unit expertise with the new FLENDER ONE configurator
• Lower weight with the same footprint
• Optimized to reduce oil consumption by as much as 20%

A gear unit that meets your requirements precisely

Suitable for use in the following industries and applications (among others):

  • Pulp and paper: rollers/cylinders, compressors, mixers/agitators/aerators, mills, rolling mills/calenders
  • Minerals and raw materials: pumps, crushers/shredders, compressors
  • Power generation: pumps, water turbines, compressors, electrical power generators


Did you know this?

The ribbed design of FLENDER ONE serves a clearly technical purpose and is not simply an end in itself. For this reason, we did not redesign the two largest housings. The higher power ranges include cooling systems with greater performance ranges. The effects that could be achieved with an enlarged surface area would hardly be “noticeable” here in comparison with smaller gear units.