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Simple design with a high output

  • Output: from 200 kW up to 30 MW
  • Speed: from 750 up to 45,000 rpm
  • Compact
  • Our design is made up of just a few individual component assemblies and therefore guarantees a high degree of maintenance-friendliness.


What marks out planetary gear units is their tooth system with coaxial axle, where the teeth can be herringbone or cylindrical teeth. The principle of these machines is power distribution over the various planetary gear wheels. A planetary gear unit can have more than one but not more than three stages. The application of this technology enables a wide transmission spread.


Planetary gear units are used in, amongst other things, nuclear power stations and in combination with water pumps, water turbines, electric motors as well as gas or steam turbines and electric power generators.

Turbo Gear Units

Turbo gearboxes from Illkirch-Graffenstaden

We have been helping to make history and advance the science of mechanical drive technology in our field since 1837. Our perfect mastery of the production of turbo gearboxes is based on the knowhow of the men and women who rise to meet this challenge every day. We design, plan and manufacture gear units that are installed all over the world.