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Trainee Program (Serbia)

Our trainee program in Subotica, Serbia for undergraduate and graduate students. Aimed at developing young talents into future Flender colleagues.

12 months to kickstart your career

The goal of the program is the development of future colleagues who we hope will become an integral part of our team.

Location: Subotica
Duration: 1 year
Education: graduate students and Bachelor degree

What you can expect

The program lasts for one year and it consists of learning and development in a particular department within the factory, within which the participants will be trained, in accordance with their qualifications. During that time the participants will get acquainted with the activities and will see the processes within the department itself and, at the end of the program, will have a complete picture of  the department and the specific job/position.

Access to this type of company program is by applying to the job add itself, which will be announced at the beginning of each year.