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Pupil internship

As a pupil, you have the chance to gain first professional experience for your future at our locations in Bocholt and Penig. For this, we offer voluntary internships during school holidays or a student internship. In Bocholt, we also offer you the possibility to take part in a career orientation program.

(Voluntary or for pupils)

Gaining initial professional experience for your future through a voluntary internship in the vacation, a school student internship or through vocational field orientation at the Bocholt location. Get to know the following occupations during an internship with us:

Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)
Mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)
Electrician (m/f/d)
Technical product designer (m/f/d)
Cutting machine operator (m/f/d)
Specialist in warehouse logistics (m/f/d)


You want to understand how machines work? You put things into practice instead of discussing them for a long time? Industrial mechanics (m/f/d) work at Flender wherever the assembly, maintenance and monitoring of technical systems is involved. Assembling, rebuilding and commissioning gearboxes or testing, maintaining and repairing production machines, measuring equipment, testing devices, mechanical components and even electrical devices and equipment - all this is part of your job. 
Later, you will work in the areas of maintenance, toolmaking, assembly, or quality assurance. For example, you will repair production equipment, process a wide variety of metals and plastics, monitor project processes and ensure the quality of the products. 
The possibilities for employment, as well as the opportunities for further training and promotion, are diverse at Flender.

Workplace: Bocholt and Penig
Program duration: 3.5 years (with the option of a reduction to 3 years for good performance)
Entry requirements: upper secondary school leaving certificate/ good lower secondary school leaving certificate
Vocational school: Berufskolleg Bocholt-West and Richard-Hartmann-Schule Berufliches Schulzentrum für Technik III


As an intern in the field of mechatronics engineering, you will be given an initial insight into the field of installation circuitry and learn the basics of soldering technology. Further activities during your internship will include learning about control systems and programming of the Logo! compact control system.


Your machining technique is cutting, i.e. the removal of the material from the workpiece, for example by turning, milling or grinding. During your training, you will learn manual and mechanical machining of workpieces, such as turning and milling on conventional or CNC-controlled machines. We ensure the quality of your training by using the latest machines (3D machining), which we use exclusively for Flender trainees. You will manufacture components, analyze the technical feasibility of incoming orders and select the appropriate machining process, which includes turning systems, automatic turning systems, milling systems and grinding systems.

At your future workplace, you will manufacture components, assemblies and prototypes of components using conventional and CNC machine tools. This also includes programming and operating the machine tools and performing service work. As the core of the company, you will create important added value for Flender in manufacturing.

Workplace: Bocholt
Program duration: 3.5 years (with the option of a reduction to 3 years for good performance)
Entry requirements:upper secondary school leaving certificate/ good lower secondary school leaving certificate
Vocational school: Berufskolleg Bocholt-West

product designer

Your internship as a technical product designer will involve gaining experience on a 3D drawing work station (CAD) and creating simple solid bodies by means of engineering drawing. In the course of your internship you will also be engaged in the assembly of various solid bodies, from which 2D drawings of solid models, that is, production drawings, are derived.
Additionally, you can look forward to the creative designing of a model to be generated on the 3D printer.

Specialist in
warehouse logistics

As an intern in the field of warehouse logistics, you will be given an overview of logistical planning and organizational processes in the company. During your work with us you will be employed in goods reception and goods issue and will be engaged in quality checking, order picking, goods packing and stockkeeping.



El mundo se halla en transformación. Abundan las incertidumbres. Y, sin embargo, ya hoy en día se saben muchas cosas: el ser humano continuará necesitando energía, viajando y extrayendo materias primas dentro de un siglo. Todo ello requerirá, también en el futuro, una tecnología de accionamiento óptima. Nuestra visión consiste en colaborar estrechamente con todas nuestras partes interesadas para forjar juntos un futuro sostenible y alcanzar el valor óptimo para nuestros clientes. Dicho de otro modo: The Partner of Choice for a Sustainable Future.