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ARPEX Wind Couplings

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ARPEX wind coupling for your wind turbine

With an experience of more than 30 years in the field of coupling design for wind turbines and a comprehensive series portfolio, we can offer our customers market-driven coupling solutions for all requirements. The continuous development of our ARPEX couplings and the global manufacturing on state-of-the-art production facilities makes us a strong partner. Flender and Winergy - two strong brands under one corporate roof for the optimum wind turbine.

ARPEX ARV wind coupling

ARPEX ARV wind couplings are used in the drive train between the gear unit and generator to transmit torque and to compensate for misalignment. In the series supply are couplings up to a power of 6MW. The compact design allows radial assembly and disassembly without displacement of the gear unit or generator. The stainless plate packs with optimized shape, which were specially developed for the application in wind turbines, ensure a high torque transmission combined with large misalignment values with extremely low restoring forces as well as maximum service life.

Optionally, the couplings can be equipped with a torque limiter to protect the drive train against overload torques. This element is self-adjusting so that no service activities are required after a trigger event. The design features and material combinations ensure a long operating life for a wide range of environmental conditions.

ARPEX GIGA wind coupling

The ARPEX GIGA is a powerful solution for wind turbines and integrated drive trains. It is a maintenance- and wear-free, double-joint disc coupling. Located between the rotor shaft and gear unit, the coupling protects the gear unit and drive train against bending and thrust loads from the rotor – thus significantly increasing the lifetime of bearings and gears. The coupling can transmit torques of up to 12,000,000 Nm and compensate axial, angular and radial misalignments.

The ARPEX GIGA can be integrated in all wind turbine concepts (low, middle or high-speed applications). Optionally, it can be delivered as a single-joint coupling.

Did you know?

We use our patented conical bolting to connect the plate packs to the hub and spacer flanges. The conical bolting system, which has been tried and tested for decades, offers a reliable and easy-to-use bolting solution that ensures short assembly times. During service work, the conical bolting on the turbine can be easily disassembled and reassembled by using standard tools.