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Water turbines

Highest Safety for extreme Ratios

A water turbine is a turbomachine that converts the potential flow energy contained in water into mechanical energy; this mechanical energy is subsequently converted into electrical energy in a generator. The gear units for water turbines gear up the low turbine speed into a very high generator speed. They also convert the torque that is output by the turbine and transmit it to the generator. The extreme transmission ratio and the high speed result in particularly high loads on the rolling bearings. FLENDER gear units are therefore equipped with bearings of the highest quality in order to reduce friction losses to a minimum.

The mounting position is usually vertical. The gear units feature the proven "dry well" design, which prevents oil leakage and protects the environment.


Your benefits at a glance

  • High operational reliability
  • Oil-free shaft end
  • Available with oil retaining tube
  • Strong input shafts and bearings for absorbing high, external axial loads



  • Hydraulic power generating plants