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Commercial Vocational Training Programs

To take a mechanical engineering company like Flender successfully into the future, from purchasing through to sales & marketing we need top-quality new manpower. Negotiations need to be conducted, products marketed, an eye kept on key figures and personnel managed and developed.

Our commercial trainees at the Flender Academy are familiarized with all these areas of expertise in order to be able to specialize for later professional life in accordance with their own strengths.

Your Benefits
with Us

  • 35-hour week, no weekend work and no alternating shifts during training
  • 30 days of vacation, vacation pay and Christmas bonus
  • Induction week with all trainees and various trainee events
  • Development and training opportunities
  • Very good chances of being taken on
  • Apprenticeship pay at the Bocholt and Penig sites in accordance with the IG Metall labor contract

FOR 2022

We are still looking for apprentices for our Bocholt location in the industrial sector. For the Penig location, we are also accepting applications for all apprenticeships.


To begin your career as industrial business management assistant (m/f/x) you step right into the business processes for a hands-on learning experience. This approach allows you to gain the necessary practical knowledge and skills for your occupation in all areas of the company.

Workplace: Bocholt
Program duration: 2.5 years (reduction to 2 years possible)
Entry requirements: high school leaving certificate
Vocational school: Berufskolleg am Wasserturm Bocholt

At regular intervals you switch departments. In the purchasing department you’ll request, check and compare quotations, and prepare orders, and in the marketing department you’ll work on competitor comparisons. You will learn the practical aspects of all the important interfaces and typical processes at Flender. Flender is an international organization, so you will also manage international contact networks, as well as using and improving your foreign language skills.
At the end of your training program you will give a presentation on a commercial topic that you have worked on independently. The exam situation is also simulated so that you can prepare for the final examination before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s examination board.

Business Management + Industrial Business Management Assistant (M/F/X)

The degree program has a business administration and economics curriculum including modules such as management processes, basic corporate governance, economic policy and accounting. It also covers additional interdisciplinary content such as business English and business IT.
The work experience part of the program provides you with the knowledge and skills you need for your future career in all the relevant company departments.
For example, you will negotiate with suppliers in the purchasing department, check business figures in the management accounting department, and implement creative concepts in the marketing department.
You will be rewarded for your hard work with exciting team project assignments, or a foreign assignment. Later on you will be able to explore your potential in a wide range of business management roles.
Flender is an international organization with sites all over the world, so you will have the opportunity to use and improve your foreign language skills, as well as build contact networks with suppliers, customers and colleagues in Germany and other countries.

1st to 3rd semester
Shortened vocational training at Hansa-Berufskolleg Münster plus intensive exam preparation
Vocational qualification as industrial clerk
Scientific lectures (Fridays and Saturdays at the IHK Akademie Münster)

4th to 6th semester     
Lectures (Fridays and Saturdays at the IHK Akademie Münster)
company project work
Diploma in Business Administration VWA

7th semester     
Scientific lectures (Fridays and Saturdays at the IHK Akademie Münster)
Academic degree Bachelor of Arts

During the seven semesters, we give you 60 additional days off to prepare for exams and write your Bachelor's thesis!

Workplace: Bocholt
Program duration: 3.5 years
Entry requirements: High school leaving certificate
Vocational school: Hansa-Berufskolleg, Münster
University: FH Münster University of Applied Sciences